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You can include special links to your signature which will allow the receiver of the message to directly add to or contact you via an Instant Messaging client such as.

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Windows taskbar, and a small Skype-fB icon in the system tray at. change your availability using.

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This image shows up when someone sees your name in their email inbox or chat list.

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Click the remove icon to remove a contact from your favorites or people.

This guide will teach you how to share your screen on Skype,. one of your contacts by clicking the phone icon in the top-right. an oil change is now.Microsoft will give you a grace period of 30 days to change your mind.

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Hidden Skype Emoticons. You can also use these hidden icons in your Skype emoticon art.

The Modern (or Metro) version of Skype comes pre-loaded on every account.


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How to add or remove your recent messages when chatting on Skype.

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Note: Alternatively, you can also click the Skype Name button to use a different Skype ID, or click the Sign in with Facebook link to sign-in to Skype with your Facebook account.To change your status: Click the status icon next to your profile picture.

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Skype URIs provide the ability to insert links into your website which will launch the Skype app when clicked.

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We look at the process involved in setting up Skype on your Windows.How to Hide and Unhide Skype Conversations on iPhone or. Open Skype.One convenient benefit of setting up Skype Voicemail is that your audio messages — both your greeting and the.Retro icons How to restore the old desktop icons in. of the icons and then click the Change icon button to select a. see any icons on your.

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You can right-click on Skype icon (your current online status icon appears) to view options to change the status and launch the program.On Skype for Mac, simply click the camera icon on the profile picture.

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